My story on the Huffington Post

I’m frequently overwhelmed with the amount of information that we have access to these days. Countless websites, social media sources, plus 1s, “likes”, reviews, surveys, posts, tweets, tags, and beyond. But there are moments, like now, when I feel so lucky to live in a time with so much connectivity and communication with others around the world. I was recently contacted by another blogger Arthur (link to his blog) who has written a book and deals with his own recovery and medical challenges. After a few back and forth emails sharing our respective stories, he mentioned the chance of getting our frustrations with the US medical system out to mass media. Thanks to his contact at the Huffington Post, they wrote an article about the shortcomings of healthcare and sited my story and his in the article.

I am just one of thousands – if not millions – of Americans who feel abandoned and shortchanged by the inadequacies of profit based insurance companies that run healthcare in the US. I would be honored if you can read the article and share with your respective communities. Thank you in advance, and to Arthur in particular.