Inspiration & SCI Resources


  • Unfortunately, it took me a year to find out about Aaron Baker. Fortunately, his story has given me more hope about my own potential for recovery than anything else. Find out what the words “One in a million” can mean to someone as determined as Aaron.

  • Just days after my accident, Grant Korgan told me he was my new best friend. That he’d been there, that he knew what I was going through. An accomplished speaker, published author, badass athlete, South Pole explorer, and promoter of all things positive, he continues to inspire me everyday.

  • Dale Hull was the first person I learned about who had suffered a similar injury to me and had gotten back on his feet. His story and the work his organization is doing now is truly commendable.

  • Patrick Rummerfield has not only recovered fully from his Spinal Cord Injury, he walks, runs, rides a bike and has completed an Ironman Triathlon! I want to follow in his footsteps and be the next person to do an Ironman.

  • What do you do when you’re an olympic athlete, suffer a SCI and you’re told you’re never going to walk again? Amazing TED talk

  • Great story about a family that suffered that was literally torn apart by SCI and how Brock fought his way back to walking

  • Another SCI victim personally told me that he owed his full recovery (he is back riding his bicycle regularly) to the work he did with Mike Barwis. (Scroll all the way down to see his TED talk and a couple of the guys he’s helped to get back on their feet)

  • Redefining “disabled” and never letting adversity get in the way of success, great message from this brave woman


  • My main rehab center and possibly my second home since my accident. A place where “everybody knows your name” and a must visit if you live in Northern California with a SCI.

  • I was fortunate enough to meet Dale and Jan (see my link above) when I went to Neuroworx for two weeks and learned from their amazing team of people.

  • Ekso skeleton robot. The future without wheelchairs. Enough said.

  • The most informative and hopeful book I’ve read about the prospects of neurological recovery and the crucial concept of Neuroplasticity.

9 thoughts on “Inspiration & SCI Resources

  1. This page is a great idea.

    Might be worth putting a permanent sentence on your home page referring to this page. It’s surprising how many people read the current post (but don’t explore a person’s blog further and read their static pages named at the head of the blog).

  2. Hi Arash
    I’m happy we met at Sci-Fit today because it caused me to check out your blog again. More importantly, your story and video featuring Aaron Baker inspired me not to give away my bicycles. For 2 years I’ve considered donating them to ‘bikes for kids’ but I think deep down I always hoped I might improve enough to bike again even though a freak bike accident caused my sci. Now I have a reason to think this might not be a far fetched dream. In addition to biking again, I am also determined to row again once my hand strength improves. So thank you for the inspiring story and I look forward to chatting again at Sci-Fit.

    • I’m glad you kept your bikes too. Aaron’s story is quite inspiring right? Keep up the good work. I’m so impressed that you can walk already and see you doing so and imagine myself doing the same. Best to you -AB

  3. I attended the Comedy for a Spinal Cause event last night, but didn’t get a chance to meet you before you left for the evening. I’m a physical therapist in SF and looking to see what’s available and what’s lacking in terms of services and resources for people with SCIs in SF. I’d love to connect and pick your brain!

  4. Hi Arash!

    I was referred to your inspirational page by a SCI-FIT employee. My brother recently suffered a C6 SCI and is hoping to begin working out there soon. She mentioned you as a great resource and that you are open to answering questions. I did have a one, we are looking for a physiatrist with experience in SCI patients. We live in the north Bay Area but are having trouble finding someone. If you know of any and could let me know, we would greatly appreciate it! Feel free to email me if you have a chance. Thanks for sharing your journey! I hope you and my brother might be able to connect someday!

  5. Hey! I think this is such an amazing idea! You are so inspiring and very helpful! I have a father with a SCI and i was wondering if there were any tips you could give in the manner of any specific drugs that seem to work the best, or any exercises that you do which have the most effect. Please email me at

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