About me

My name is Arash and for all 30 years of my life before this accident occurred, and in the months since, I have led my life with the belief and desire to make the most of every moment and never sit still. As a result, I have never liked to sleep much and feel like if I’m not planning or doing something exciting in my free time, I’m doing myself an injustice. That said, life to me isn’t just a pursuit of hedonism and pleasure and I’ve always worked as hard as I’ve played.

I grew up in four countries as a child but the San Francisco Bay Area is where I’ve always called home. After venturing to Boston for my undergrad and over 5 years working and traveling in Europe, Central and South America, Asia and Africa as an international trip leader for a biking and hiking tour company, I came back to SF to pursue an MBA with an emphasis on environmental sustainability and social responsibility. After grad school I worked for an environmental consulting firm and a solar energy company before the accident happened…

I’ve been an athlete for as long as I can remember and have always relished physical challenges. I spent most free moments outdoors: playing soccer, hiking, biking, backpacking in the mountains, floating and hanging with friends on a river, and sharing so many incredible moments with amazing people around me. Just 3 days before this debilitating accident, I had completed one of the most memorable and physically satisfying experiences of my life: a 60 mile backpacking trip through the Evolution Valley in the 10,000+ foot mountains of the Eastern Sierras of California with an incredible group of friends, filled with laughter, joy and an appreciation for life. To go from that experience, to then spending seven straight weeks in the hospital was the most dramatic, contrasting experience of my life.

As horrific, awful, and challenging as this accident has been, I am inherently a positive person and am approaching this recovery with the same ambition, perseverance and dedication that I have given to every significant experience in life. I am fortunate to be blessed with the most amazing parents who are doing everything they can to help me, and an outstanding community of friends and extended family who are supporting me through this trying time. This blog is nothing more than a commitment from me to share both the positive and negative aspects of this experience and to keep track of every step of this recovery.

Just days before my accident, hiking the high Sierra mountains of Evolution Valley

101 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Arash,
    I stumbled upon your page from Facebook when it highlighted people I might know. This is Caitlin, your RA from Hamilton House at BU. You have had quite the journey since I last saw you at BU. Your recovery journey is incredibly inspirational. Just wanted to send a note of support and well wishes.

    • Hi Caitlin. Thanks for reaching out. It has been quite some time since Ham House at BU but I hope you’re doing well. I’m doing the best I can given my situation. Thank you for your support and well wishes. Hope you keep reading as I continue my journey. -AB

  2. Arash — this is wayyyy back in your past when you temporarily worked at (cough) Oracle. You got some cool job as a trip guide and what? an injury? not fair. We used to go to the pleasanton mall to get away from Oracle. oh jeez. are you okay? I’m Rebecca Sammel, now a professor at Ferris State U.

  3. Arash–I just watched your talk–wonderful and remarkable–wanted you and Britta to know (we saw each other today at Albany Pool)–really, very very fine!!! Always my best to you both, Tony

  4. Hey Arash…good to know you are living an honorable and powerfully purposeful life. Thank you! This is Sharon Louisell from Berkeley High. After I heard your story from Mariel Adler-McAllister I felt it was important to share with you a little about my life too. I recently studied at The Nordblom Institute for Footzonology (www.footzonology.com). My teacher used the technique to “zone” tumors out of her newborn son’s brain (no surgery!) and the founder of the institute travels the world helping families by “zoning” their loved ones out of comas. I know it sounds unbelievable but you have been through enough to know that the unbelievable often speaks progress. There is more I would like to share with you. Email me if you would like! Moving forward….I think footzonology could help you reach your goal and fortunately one of the most experienced practitioners is here in the bay area! (https://www.schedulicity.com/home/results [Health Wellness and Healing]). Keep recovering and would really enjoy hearing from you!

  5. Hi Arash!
    My name is Kesey, and I am a 4th Year Occupational Therapy student in Australia. I came across your blog whilst searching for SCI bloggers. I am seeking to develop my understanding of the lived experience of having a spinal cord injury, I would love to be able to email you some questions if possible.

    Also, going through your blog and reading about your journey shows that every individual’s journey is different. It is shaped by so many factors and that no one should be entirely categorised by a textbook!

    Hope to hear from you soon!

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