One thought on “IMG_5074

  1. dear arash,

    i loved reading about your life and activities. the cooking is amazing and your dishes are so beautiful. yara has grown so much and is in the magical stage of being a toddler who is interested in everything! what joy for you and brita. i think your letters to yara is such an excellent way of recording what is happening now. it is for you, it is for her, and it is a record of how covid has impacted lives all over the world.

    i watched koko while laura and justin and zeke were gone. she is an amazing kitten and quite adventurous for a being that weighs less than 2 lbs!!

    we will see laura and justin and zeke tomorrow and hear more about your trip. and also congratulations on your new home! you need space and it sounds like the lot is huge with great potential. and walnut creek is warm, you can swim and not have to wear a wet suit!!

    enjoy the treasures of each day,


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