“Little Big Steps” has published!

I could not be more thrilled, excited, proud (and relieved) to announce the publish of my book, “Little Big Steps – A Life-Changing Injury and the Inspirational Journey to Overcome the Odds.”

I’ve been working on it for almost three years and I have to credit all of you, readers of my blog and supporters of my recovery, for giving me the inspiration and motivation to take on this project.

If it weren’t for all the feedback and interest that I received about some of my early blog posts, I would not have known to dig into these stories, expand and explore the depth in each of them, and understand that I could actually be capable of turning them into a larger story. But here I am, a couple years later and with a book that I think can be interesting to all people, not just those dealing with a traumatic or life-changing event or adversity in their lives. Although the story of my injury and ensuing recovery is very unique to me, in writing this book I have selected the moments, perspectives, and experiences from my journey that are likely the most informative and relevant to readers.

So let this be my shameless plug. I ain’t no JK Rowling or Malcolm Gladwell, but with a strong wave of support and early sales of the book, especially in these initial days, I can make myself known to the bookselling gods, so please check it out! All the info and links to buy are on my book page. 

It’s available in print and all e-book formats (Kindle, Nook, Kobo, etc.) and for you listener/readers, the audiobook will be ready in just a few days. If you have enjoyed my writing and blog posts at any point, then the book is for you! Or maybe for a friend or family member? At the very least, an ornamental piece?

Thank you for all your support and for helping me make this happen.

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6 thoughts on ““Little Big Steps” has published!

  1. This is the beginning (10/10/17). The beginning of opening the eyes and minds of the industry, the excitement of other folks with seemingly insurmountable challenges, the education of all students learning in the field of neurologic and bodily recovery.. Thank you Arash on behalf of all who will read and gain from this great book. Vince Nash.

  2. happy to hear you completed this project ! your words will inspire many. Your story might be personal but touches all of us in our own way – a place of healing , hoping and reaching for a goal. We believe in you now and always.

  3. dear arash,

    congratulations on sticking with it and writing your book.

    we will be at the book signing on the 22nd at the torpedo room.

    i will bring books for you to sign.

    with love, linda

    On Tue, Oct 10, 2017 at 12:29 AM, Arash Recovery wrote:

    > AB posted: “I could not be more thrilled, excited, proud (and relieved) to > announce the publish of my book, “Little Big Steps – A Life-Changing Injury > and the Inspirational Journey to Overcome the Odds.” I’ve been working on > it for almost three years and I have to c” >

  4. Hey Arash, I wanted to let you know I bought your book on Amazon. You did a great job with the links and getting me to the right spot. At first I was concerned that I could only get it in Kindle, but after a few tries I realized that it was defaulted to Kindle and I just had to open a drop down menu. I was able to get it in paperback. I can’t wait to read it!! Your book arrival as inspired me to get back into my book project. I think I started before you and you are already published! I’ve been on and off. I get easily distracted with such things as Fantasy Football (which by the way has been a complete waste of time as I am 0-5!). However with your book release I have re-dedicated myself to getting this beast of a book project completed by summer! I may reach out to you for tips when it comes time to publish. We miss seeing you! After several changes in therapy and therapists, Vaughn is now working out with me at InShape- our local big gym. He’s been doing leg press (150 pounds),leg extension & curls, chest flies, triceps curls, rows, ab machine, and is beginning to make progress with bicep curls. I help him get on the equipment and away he goes. He’s been happy that it’s just him and I ( and Jenelle when she was home during the summer). It’s a lot of work for me, but it’s all been worth it for the both of us. Kyle got a job working as a strategic analyst with Salesforce. He’s still living at home saving money before he has to blow it all on the high rent costs in SF. It’s been nice to have him around. We think about you and Brita a lot. You are so incredibly inspiring. I forwarded one of your posts awhile ago and got so much positive feedback. We wish we could have been there for the book signing, but going to Vegas to celebrate Jenelle’s 21st Birthday. Wishing you much success. Stay in touch! XXOO Denise

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