Exciting News! – A book is coming….

When I started writing this blog in November of 2012, just five months after I suffered a traumatic spinal cord injury, my intention was only to have an honest and unobtrusive way to keep my family and friends updated on the process of my recovery: the struggles, challenges, objectives, achievements, breakthroughs and thought processes behind this insane journey. I didn’t want to crowd everyone’s inbox with emails or spew out random thoughts or take to social media for these updates, so I figured I would write a blog and have it out there for whomever was interested in staying in the loop.

Little did I know where this would lead…

Thanks to all of you and your continued interest, support, encouragement and readership, the blog continued to grow and reach more people than I could ever imagine. Within a few months of me launching this website and sharing my story, I was getting readers and messages from all over the world. People were asking questions, seeking advice (for which I had very little to provide…), searching for perspective, and often times, relating some of the experiences I was sharing to their own respective experiences. I also learned that there were many people out there — with spinal cord injuries or other medical conditions or just life challenges — who could identify with some of the larger issues that I would sometimes raise.

I was flattered to have anyone outside of my personal social community care or read about my story and it wasn’t until many of you commented and told me that you wanted to know more about a specific story, that you were curious about something I had shared and asked me to delve more into it, that I got the idea for doing something bigger.

Well, I can now say that that bigger something is coming very soon.

For the better part of the last two years — and with increasing intensity, energy, time and commitment — I have been turning the story of my recovery into a book. And this book is coming to fruition now as I am in the final process of revisions and edits to get it ready to publish.

This blog has been so many positive things for me but I didn’t expect that it would spark the creative effort and undertaking of completing a full-on memoir of my experience. But alas, that’s where we are.

I will be posting more info very soon about the book — including a landing page where you can sign up to get updates and have access to an advance copy, as well as a specific timeline for the final publish (summer reading anyone???) — but for now, I want to thank all of you for the incredible support and commitment you’ve shown me in reading my blog, commenting, sharing your perspectives and launching this crazy little idea within me that will hopefully turn into something real and tangible very soon.

I always have, and still continue to read and respond to every single comment that has ever been posted on this blog and if it weren’t for the conversations that you have all initiated with me, this likely would not have happened. So thank you. I’m grateful to have this opportunity. And I’m excited to share the larger story very soon…

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37 thoughts on “Exciting News! – A book is coming….

  1. Your book will be on my reading list whenever it is available. I have no idea how I came upon your blog right after you started it but I have read every post. I have no connection with anyone who has any injury comparable to yours but your blog speaks well beyond your injury. Your outlook, drive, and vivacious spirit has been motivating and encouraging when I didn’t even realize I needed it. Great job and I will continue to follow and pray for only the best for you.

    1. Many thanks for your very long and consistent support and readership! I’m honored to have you following and reading the blog. -AB

  2. Arash,
    That is amazing you are writing a book! Congrats on your progress and achievements. I actually refer SCI patients to your blog. I am excited to read your book. As a Nurse, your blog helps to have a better understanding of what SCI patients go through. Especially post hospital stay. Thank you for sharing!

    1. That’s awesome Tanya! So great that you’re sharing it with people who can directly relate. Thanks for that. Hope you’re doing well -AB

  3. i always get excited for new blog entries in my inbox . you are such an inspiration and I’m happy to hear you are transforming your story into a tangible product to spread more awareness and hope about spinal cord injury. your perseverance and positive attitude shine.

  4. This is such great news, Arash! Congratulations. I’ve been following your posts all along the way…can’t wait to read the book.

  5. Arash this is amazing. I can’t wait to read it. You continue to amaze, impress and inspire with your hard work and dedication, not only toward your own recovery but toward helping others. 🙂

  6. Sign us up for an autographed copy of your book! How exciting and wonderful; you can reach even more people!!!

  7. I’m really excited that you have done this. You have an amazing ability to pull in the reader and keep them engaged. Not sure if you are interested but I think you should branch beyond this and maybe work for a news agency or become a famous author writing other books (fiction or non-fiction). You clearly have a talent! >

    1. You’re giving me way too much credit. I’ll start with this book for now and see how it all goes… 😉 Thanks for the support -AB

  8. Arash. Your book should be in every SCI library in the country. I personally want 2. One for me and one for the library of the SCI unit in London, Ontario, Canada. Your recovering with you blog friend. Vince Nash.

  9. Arash,
    You don’t seize to amaze me. I thank the day you decided to share the journey, the struggles, the experiments, and all the triumphs with people you knew and with complete strangers. I know I’ve told you before but you are an inspiration. And I continue to hope and pray for your full recovery. I cannot wait to read the book!
    My students from 2013-2014 every so often ask about you. Remember the fourth graders that wrote you letters?

    1. Of course I do! Your students’ letters touched me more than I can imagine. I hope they, and you, are doing well. Best wishes to all of you -AB

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