Finally finding exhaustion

I want to be exhausted. I want to push myself beyond what I thought was imaginable and then push more. I want that feeling of satisfaction that comes with knowing that I have absolutely nothing left in the tank. And, until recently, I hadn’t found this feeling for years.

I’ve mentioned fatigue quite a bit throughout my posts and it’s always something I struggle to describe clearly. The conversations are often like this:

Them: “How long do you do that exercise before you get tired?”

Me: “It’s hard to say. There are so many factors that go into how I’m doing on a particular day that it’s not always easy to know why my body reacts in certain ways. Some days, I’ll be really tight and it will be hard to move because of that. Other days I just might not connect to the muscles that I want.”

Them: “So you’re just tired from the beginning? Or from something you did the day before?”

Me: “Um… kinda… but not really. It’s not tired, it’s just that I may not have the ability to get the neurological connection to make the movement.”

Them: “You mean like you’re sore?  Your muscles just don’t respond?”

Me: “Yeah sorta like the responding. It’s not soreness. I haven’t felt sore at all in years. At least not in my legs. I’m always sore in my shoulders, neck and arms, like, all the time. But with my legs it’s just… I don’t know… it’s hard to describe.”

And that’s usually where I give up.

In my last post, I talked about neurological fatigue, that unique sensation that best describes that sensation of not being able to connect to a movement or to specific muscles in my lower body. Recently, on my most recent trip to visit Alejandra and applying the lessons of her one-0f-a-kind Neurokinetic Pilates method, I finally found exhaustion. And not the esoteric neurological kind that I have a hard time describing. Just good ol’ fashioned “I want to collapse and lay down and not move” exhaustion. And it felt amazing.

I’ve written extensively about how Alejandra is always able to find and make new connections within my body, and this time was no exception. On the first day I see her, she always asks me what my objective is for the time I’m with her. This time, I repeated the same exact thing I told her last year: that I want to get the connection for hip flexion, that is, to pick up one foot and take a step already…

Unlike last year when she told me that she didn’t think I was ready for that yet and I needed to work on a bunch of other movements in order to get myself strong enough to even be able to attempt hip flexion, this trip was a different story. Alejandra agreed that it was the right time that I try to start tackling this immense challenge for me: going against gravity to lift a foot off the ground step it in front of the other. Sounds simple, but not for me.

Alejandra did what she always does, she took the exercises I was doing (which I shared with videos in my last post), and pushed me much further beyond my comfort zone. The result was that for the first time in years, I was actually 100% physically and mentally tired and exhausted after each day of working with her. She was able to find the limits of both my physical fatigue as well as my neurological fatigue, crush them both and push me much further into an entirely new realm of exhaustion.

My videos are below. The significant thing to understand is that until I saw her, I was doing similar exercises always facing forwards on the CoreAlign machine, with the comfort and security of the ladder in front of me and with both arms bracing me. With her, we turned everything sideways, so that there was literally nothing in front of my knees and I could only hold on with one arm. To say that it pushed my boundaries is a massive understatement and now I have the satisfaction of knowing that in just a couple of weeks, she was able to dramatically push my limits and get me to work in that sweet spot of struggle, abject fear that I may collapse, and the ensuing accomplishment.

And I can finally remember, and relive, the feeling of exhaustion.



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10 thoughts on “Finally finding exhaustion

  1. dear arash,

    truly good news!!! it is a gift and a reward to know you have given your all to your endeavor, mentally and physically and then to get to feel total exhaustion!!! great achievement!

    xo linda

    On Thu, Feb 16, 2017 at 2:34 PM, Arash Recovery wrote:

    > AB posted: “I want to be exhausted. I want to push myself beyond what I > thought was imaginable and then push more. I want that feeling of > satisfaction that comes with knowing that I have absolutely nothing left in > the tank. And, until recently, I hadn’t found this fe” >

  2. Hi Arash, this sounds like huge progress – even that she agreed that you are now ready to lift your feet – so glad and proud of you. Melanie xo

  3. I am amazed. At your hard work, at your progress, at your exhaustion, at you. And I’m so glad you are sharing and encouraging others and what you do is truly paving the way for those that come behind you. I can’t even say anymore that I’m sending healing energy your way – you have got this!!

  4. Perhaps this is different, you can only answer that? With global warming the days are really strange particularly in winter. You can have really bitingly cold day, and then the next it’s entirely switch to a more damp almost humid atmosphere. This happens within a few hours at times… which is really shocking!

    However, I had an experience the other day, when I had gone out running when it was bitingly cold, and you have to work a lot harder. However, the next day it was almost warm, and it was so much of an easier run, but in contrast to the day before it was harder to tell if I had put my ‘best’ into this Arash.

    I think on reflection… on the second day when it was warmer perhaps I should have worked that bit harder?

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