A milestone

Following up on my last post, where I wrote about never being satisfied of my accomplishments, yet trying to appreciate those achievements and celebrate progress, I want to share a recent milestone.

I recently started being able to do small squats using my quads, abs, and upper legs,  lying on a Total Gym machine. In this position, I have most of my body weight going through my legs, but not all of it. As you can see, my therapist is just helping to unlock my knees and bend my legs, then it’s up to me to push them back to straight. It takes me a lot of effort, as I have to use my arms to engage my lats (latissimus dorsi muscles), which engage my abs, which engage my quads. It’s strange that I can’t just tell my legs to move and that I have to use this sequence in order to get those leg muscles to contract, but I’ll take movement in the lower body, no matter how it comes.

I have to attribute much of this development to two major factors. The first is the consistent exercises I’ve been doing on an incredible technology from Germany, a standing vibration platform called the Galileo that vibrates side to side over 20 times a second, mimicking the movement of taking steps and sending a signal through my feet and up into my legs, spinal cord and brain. It has proven results in Europe and is just recently starting to become better known in the US.

The second factor is the knowledge and awareness of the body that I learned from my work with Alejandra in Maui, specifically the connective tissue in and around our muscles called fascia and the neural connections that exist within them. It was from her that I first learned about – and now fully believe in – the theory of fascia lines and how I could use certain muscles of my body that are under my control, to tap into and connect with other parts of the body in which I have less control. By constantly working on making this connection from my lats to my abs and lower body, it seems that a small signal is finally getting through. Now it’s on to working on this connection to make it stronger.

Alright, enough blabbing. Here’s the video. And now it’s on to the next achievement…  🙂

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46 thoughts on “A milestone

  1. What a great machine and it looks like you are doing well. (in fact I am almost envious).

    I can’t squat at all due to the nerve damage in my right leg. I can only kneel down with my left leg on the ground and my right leg at right angles. I still need to use my hands and shoulders to get up of the ground, so in effect you are beating me – and I’m a walking person.

    Great work you’re doing. Congratulations.

    1. I don’t know if I’m beating you, cause squats or not, you’re walking and I would give ANYTHING in the world to do that right now. Thanks for the perspective though, and for the support -AB

  2. You are inspiring. I’m dealing with some personal sadness and loss and you give me motivation to move past my barriers which are less difficult to break through. Thank you again.

  3. Choooo! choooo! Super wow!!!!
    Arash a few days ago I found an email that I wrote to you in my draft folder…was not in the sent folder! I’ll write you soon a new one!
    Meantime I’m always reading your blog wishing you more and more “choo-choo moments”! (I work with preschool kids: explanation for the choo! choo! comment)
    Super extra big hug!!!! for you and your lady!

  4. Soon you will want start working on activating your glutes,hamstrings and calves. Activating that muscle group will help you flex your knees without the help. The reason they won’t activate yet is your brain knows that if they activate you fall straight to the floor, because your quads won’t save you. Keep up the training. Remember how long it took you to walk from birth. You didn’t have any damage at that time.

    1. Great great great advice. Thank you. Yes I’ve thought about the analogy to birth and learning to walk many times. And you’re right that it’s time to work on other muscles too, which I’ve already started to do. Just gotta keep doing that and hopefully getting something in those muscles too. Thanks for your comments -AB

  5. Great to see the video and your progress. You seem to have reached the right balance between pushing yourself and accepting the results. And sometimes, like this one, the results are significant. Keep going and keep posting. Very inspirational to read your posts.

    1. Yeah I’m trying to find that balance you mention. It’s still tough for me to accept the results because I want so much more, but I’m trying this time to accept the progress I’ve made. Best to you -AB

  6. Arash, your posts always make me happy and inspired, especially this one! Your persistence is paying off. Stay strong, my friend.

  7. Congratulations! What an amazing achievement and a testament to all the hard work you’ve put it! Incredible! Truly inspiring.

  8. It is really amazing how you can’t keep your body from moving, no matter how hard you try, when Ke$ha comes on the radio.

    Seriously, though, THIS IS AMAZING! I can’t wait to read about what you pull off next.

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