Video Update – Parallel Bars Walking

I’ve been using the parallel bars for quite some time now and just a few days ago I had a relatively small but significant breakthrough that I wanted to share. The following video (from March 1st) shows a great development in my walking exercises and reminds me that progress does occur, even when it doesn’t feel like it. As you watch, please keep the following things in mind:

  • Don’t be confused and think this is the big thing: I’m not walking on my own….YET. It’s hard to see but the therapist is holding my core steady with the strap around my waist and she’s also using her leg to lock out my plant knee because I can’t do that yet. That said, it’s still pretty cool.
  • I recently started doing this exercise without shoes because I can slide my feet with socks. Maybe it’s cheating a bit but it’s helped me initiate the movement from my hips and actually pull my leg through with more strength.
  • Previously, the therapist always had to move my legs for me but this was the first time I was able to shift, move and slide my legs forward on my own.
  • Yes I’m rocking a pink shirt. Real men wear pink. End of story.

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60 thoughts on “Video Update – Parallel Bars Walking

  1. I’m impressed.


    Your movement, albeit slow, looks to be a very positive sign that ‘things are on the move’. You actually look fairly stable upright. Who cares if you’re ‘cheating’. I don’t.

  2. Real men rock pink and you are WAY beyond a real man. You ROCK!!!!! This is so cool, Arash! So excited for you. Yes, this is way cool, and *definitely* progress. Yay! Who needs B.B. King? You just made my day.

    1. Whoa whoa, B.B. still has his place! I had no idea you were in these parts just next door in Oakland. Glad you enjoyed the video. I’m a bit reluctant to post videos like that because I don’t want to mislead people but I’m glad I decided to post. -AB

      1. Definitely! I’m glad you did. It’s great to see you “live.” And I don’t think you were misleading people at all. You did a good job explaining what was *really* going on… And if we want to fool ourselves? Oh well! It’s our own silly fault.

        Actually I’m out near Sacramento. I was in the Bay Area for a couple days. It’s not far, though. About two hours.

  3. Hey Arash, just saw your blog today. You are a wonderful inspiration! Keep up the amazing recovery. Looking forward to reading more good news!

  4. Love these updates and so happy to see your progress on the parallel bars!!!

    Sent from my iPhone.

  5. Arash!! Fantastic! You are working so hard, sweetie. But these instances of progress are piling up and growing and it’s so good to see and hear about! You inspire me! Sending lots if love and good wishes, Caren

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  6. Arash -this just made my day. I actually told the doctor and team I’m working here with about you just today!! I was asking for recommended reading on this neuromuscular training I’m working on, and it really does come from the kind of work you are doing (ie: pinky toe) ~ keep firing up those brain centers… there is evidence this has power. I am going to order a book he mentioned and I’ll let you know about it.

    You look amazing on the parallel bars — determined and confident– and cheating is the way to go — see it, and feel it and it will unfold for you…. I am rooting for you every day…. Bravo! x Robyn

    1. You rock Robyn. Hope the treatment and doctors are all going well for you and hopefully filling in something that you didn’t have before. You’re right about the mental exercises, I try to do those as much as possible. I’m reading a fascinating all about that right now, and how the brain absolutely has the ability to rewire itself. Maybe it’s the same book you’ve been suggested? This is called “The brain that changes itself” by Norman Doidge. Keep up the good work on your end too! Much love to you -AB

  7. I love seeing you on your feet! Miss you and sending you big love from the Southern Hemisphere.

  8. Arash, you rock!!! Keep up the great work – you’re making awesome progress my friend! Love getting your blog posts, very inspiring.

  9. Dude, that is awesome! It may not feel like a lot of progress to you – or it may feel as though your progress is slow, but in following your progress, it just amazes me at how far you actually have come. I watched that with my jaw on the floor and a tear in my eye and sat in awe as I watched. Sending good energy your way!

  10. I love seeing this brotha! Juliet and I were thrilled to see how much fluidity you had in your actions the other night. I am thinking we are bringing champagne next time we visit! You will be one hell of a salsa dancer when you are back on your feet with that hip control!

  11. Arash… I love that you rocked that pink shirt!!! Your steps are strong and I cannot wait to get there. Thank you for helping me see my future in a brighter way! See you this Friday.

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