To a new year of new recovery

2012 was a bad year for me. While the first half of the year included a new job, a fantastic trip to Colombia, planning a move to a new and exciting house in SF, and some amazing hiking and camping trips with friends, everything came to a screeching halt on that fateful night in July when I suffered my Spinal Cord Injury. Paralysis is not a word I use very much to describe my condition because I hate the defeatist connotation of it, but I have to be honest about my situation after that accident: I was paralyzed, in more ways than one.

While my body was paralyzed from the chest down, so many other things had been paralyzed as well. I had been in peak physical condition before this accident and as a result of years of taking care of my body and consistently pushing myself athletically, I was in better shape as a 30-year-old than I was as a Division 1 college athlete, and sadly all of that was out the window. My new job at a renewable energy startup, and a potential springboard to a career in the field was suddenly stripped away from me. My summer plans of moving and setting up a new house, weekend camping trips in the mountains, and a vacation to Lebanon vanished right before my eyes. Everything that I knew, almost everything that made me who I am was turned on its head.

And now, almost six months after this horrendous incident, a new year is here. 2013 is the year that I walk. It’s a pretty significant task so it’s hard to call it a resolution, but the challenge of it means I will dedicate myself to it more than any resolution in the past. I will do all I can and work harder than I’ve worked to bring this to fruition. I’ve learned in the past few months about the incredible support of my community and I ask for your continued support in this next year, a year in which I plan to see all of you while standing on my own two feet. Happy new year to all.

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9 thoughts on “To a new year of new recovery

  1. You go handsome !!! I’ll be following your progress from a far. I’m so moved and inspired by your strength and courage. Sending tons of love XXX

  2. Arash, you absolutely amaze me. You’re an inspiration to all who know you and if anyone can do this, you CAN!! I have absolute faith that 2013 will be the year of walking again 🙂

  3. Arash – I wish you all the very best. Our friends and family have been through quite a bit in 2012 – a close friend had a serious boating accident, son of a friend suffered a terrible fall at Uni and my cousin was severely injured while cycling. All super people – all absolutely devastated physically and God knows mentally. My close friend is miraculously well and was able to dance at her recent 50th birthday. My friend’s son has been able to stand and my cousin came out of his comas just before Christmas. The human spirit is astonishing and yours seems really strong. Take care – keep going one toe at a time!!

  4. Cheers to you taking that first step, beginning with that wiggly pinkie toe. We’re pulling for you all the way. You can do this!

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