A Fantastic Fundraiser

Last Tuesday, December 11th, I had the great fortune of being surrounded with an amazing community of friends who came to support me and my recovery at an event in San Francisco. Many days later, I’m still riding the wave of incredible energy and love that I witnessed that evening and want to express how significant this was for me.


When the idea to host a fundraiser event came up, my expectations were reasonably subdued. I figured we would round up a few friends, raffle off a couple t-shirts or small prizes and call it a night. Thanks to an outstanding few friends who donated considerable time and energy in the weeks leading up to the big night, we were able to put on a well-organized, smooth and fun event which a few people called, “The hottest party in San Francisco tonight”. And why not?? We had plenty of beer and wine flowing, enough kabobs, sandwiches and snacks to feed the almost 300 people who attended, and over 70 incredible raffle and auction prizes. And um… so much for having t-shirts for prizes. How about a six night stay at a hotel in Jackson, Wyoming, or a day cruise on SF bay for 10 people on a private boat, or professional quality photography and artwork, or a brand new bike, or free yoga or acupuncture sessions, or gift baskets and prizes from a variety of local businesses…

I am thrilled – yet not very surprised – that we were able to have such a successful event and that so many pieces came together to make a truly special evening, but I am most thankful and grateful to all the smiles and hugs and support that I received that night. Although I completely lost my voice from the many conversations I had (and despite how short I felt sitting in a wheelchair around hundreds of people standing above and around me), my commitment to recovery was renewed and confirmed by every person I met throughout the night. I know there will continue to be hard times as I go forth in my recovery, but I know I have the foundation of so much positivity and good energy holding me up that I feel stronger than ever. Thank you to everyone who contributed in any way to make this such an incredible night.

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11 thoughts on “A Fantastic Fundraiser

  1. Phenomenal to see this Arash! What an inspiring presentation – and so wonderful to see your actual exercises and determination. You will reach your goals — I have no doubt!! Keep on keeping on… Love and Light ~ Robyn

  2. It was an incredible event! Having planned several small and large fundraisers, I can say the the caliber and organization of the night was unsurpassed. Plus, it was so inspiring to hear you talk about your experience and progress Arash!

  3. Arash, I don’t know you but I am rooting for you. Keep up the good work and the positivity. I am not much for running any more, but I would be honored to run a 5k with you on December 11, 2013 if you are available. Big props! BFB

    1. Hi BFB! (sorry, I’m not sure what that stands for…). Thanks for the support. I love to run and plan on doing so as soon as possible. So yes, I’d be thrilled to do that 5k with you next December, if not sooner. Props to you too. -AB

  4. caro caro Arash, I see all your strength and all your efforts, and I see your spirit too! Man, so happy to know you cazzo! Porca puttana continua like that! BIg big hugs!

  5. wow; my internet is really slow here, so it’s taken hours before i was able to see this video. it finally loaded and played – wow, what an amazing speaker you are, and then to watch your determination and motivation – it’s truly amazing! YOU are truly amazing.

  6. Arash, Your determination leaves me believing in your recovery as well. My friend, Arthur Wooten, pointed me in the direction of your blog and I’m eternally grateful to him. Keep on battling, you have tremendous friendship and love supporting you…I’m thrilled to add mine! -Pamela-

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