Very inspiring TED talk

Very inspiring TED talk

This video is just pure inspiration!! For all of those doubters and naysayers who like to tell people who have suffered a Spinal Cord Injury that they will never walk (or recover many other functions), this amazing woman and her story proves you wrong. I hope to be in her position someday, recovered from this horrific injury and giving my own TED talk.

Please take the few minutes out of your day to watch and share this video. Thanks!!

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6 thoughts on “Very inspiring TED talk

  1. Arash,
    Thank you for that inspiring story!
    You are making a difference to so many people.
    You will be on that stage!!!
    Healing and blessings,
    Sally Carlson

  2. Arash, I haven’t sent you a message yet, but I think of you often, and admire the grace, strength, and wisdom you have shown throughout your recovery. My cousin suffered a similar injury about ten years ago, was told he would not walk again, and now, not only is he walking, but living independently, working, traveling, and completely excelling. I know for sure that you will get there too because you are Arash, and you do not belong anywhere but on top of that mountain. Can’t wait to see you next week at the fundraiser. xo, Griff

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